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BacteriaThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is bracing for a legal battle after public attorney Julie Murray filed the complaint at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). The case was filed late May at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The agency’s failure to regulate the vibrio vulnificus bacteria found in shellfish, a violation of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

The FDA’s failure to regulate the deadly bacteria can result to the death of approximately 30 people who can suffer serious illness and eventually die. The figures were cited from the FDA itself and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vulnifucus is the main cause of seafood-associated deaths in the United States.

The lawsuit alleges that the FDA’s failure to implement safety standards for controlling the deadly bacteria is unacceptable. With the technology for elimination and decreasing vulnificus while maintaining the texture and flavor of raw oysters is already in place, the only thing lacking is the resolve to act upon the public health hazard.

The CSPI is pushing for a Federal court order that will force the FDA to decide within 30 days on the 4-year old petition calling for the implementation of testing regulations for oysters and other shellfish desigend for raw consumption. CSPI cited a provision in the FSMA requiring the FDA to review and evaluate relevant health data and other relevant information in order to determine the most significant contaminant.

In addition, the provision also mandates the Secretary to issue contaminant-specific and science-based guidance documents regarding action level or regulation. It has been four years since CSPI’s petition and three afters the first deadline of the FSMA but still there is no response from the FDA.

Since the FDA has become aware of the potential hazard, at least 300 people have been killed of contamination from 1989 to 2010. The number of deaths has increased since then. The lawsuit claims that since then the FDA has not implemented a safety standard requiring companies to reduce vulnificus to nondetectable levels.

People who get infected with vulnificus die from poisoning within a few days. The fatality rate is 100 percent if the patient is not treated within 72 hours. The only chance of survival is to have the limbs amputated.

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Medical Mistakes: The Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

surgeonsIn May of 2015, Deborah Craven underwent surgery to have a mass removed from her eighth rib. According to a statement filed by Yale-New Haven hospital with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, the incorrect rib, however, was removed.

In a different news story published in February 2016, a 46-year old female doctor in Southern California was said to have been convicted of second-degree murder for the deaths of three of her patients for recklessly prescribing opiate-based painkillers. According to John Niedermann, a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, the deaths of the three patients, who were all in their 20s, were not the only patient deaths blamed on the 46-year old female doctor; in 2007 and 2008, three other patients of hers also died due to an overdose of the drugs that she prescribed.

In the U.S., like in any part of the globe, medical malpractice due to mistakes committed by health professionals and providers is nothing new, thus the thousands of lawsuits (filed by patients or their families) every year. Based on their review of four different studies, all on death rates in the U.S., doctors at Johns Hopkins say that at least 251,454 deaths are caused by medical errors in the U.S. annually. The doctors, however, believe that the number is much higher as many medical errors are never officially reported, and deaths occurring in nursing homes are not included in the count.

Doctors Martin Makary and Michael Daniel, who made the review, state that medical errors seem to kill more people than lower respiratory diseases. This would put medical mistakes in the third spot on the list of the leading causes of death in the U.S., placing it right after heart disease and cancer.

Though the doctors are hopeful that their study will result to improvement in a health care system which, they say, is letting patients down, Dr. Makary, in particular, believes that many hospitals never invest in technology that could help prevent and lessen errors because these hospitals do not realize just how big the problem is: neither do these hospitals make it a priority to understand the cause of the problem.

Removing the wrong body part is not the only basis of lawsuits filed against medical professionals, by the way. There are also lawsuits against surgeons who operate on the wrong patient, a surgeon who accidentally leaves a piece of medical equipment in a patient’s body, a doctor who prescribes the wrong medicine or an opiate-based painkiller, or a doctor who fails to correctly diagnose a serious illness.

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woman_holding_birth_controlOf the 177 women who took contraceptive pills made by the manufacturers of Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, 113 still got pregnant with 94 of these women deciding to deliver their child. Qualitest and its manufacturers committed the mistake of having the pills packed in a reversed order, causing the women who used them to take placebo pills during the week instead of the hormone pills.

Due to damages, which include loss of income, medical expenses and cost of raising a child to age 18 (these children being born from unplanned pregnancies), Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, which is a subsidiary of Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., and other companies which either made or distributed the pills under different brand names, now face lawsuits that can amount to millions of dollars.

The contraceptives, sold under the brand names Tri-Previfem, Previfem, Orsythia, Gildess, Emoquette and Cyclafem, each had 28 days’ worth of pills; 21 of these pills contained hormones that are supposed to prevent pregnancy, while the other seven are placebos. The pills should be taken in order – this means not mixing the placebos with the active pills.

It was found out by a US District Judge, however, that of the half-million packs of pills that were recalled, about 53 packs had the order of the pills reversed. The recalls, which were made in September 2011 by Qualitest, included eight birth-control pills brands.

The head of the National Women’s Health Network knows that the lawsuit filed by the affected women will be a tough battle to fight (part of this is proving that they got pregnant due to the packaging mistake). She believes, though, that it should be the duty of the company, which made the mistake, to do the right thing, which is to compensate those who suffered damages and losses.

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Controversial anti-terrorism law in China 极星vpnmay be passed into fruition within the month, a report from Reuters says.

重庆大学研发疫情防控应用 以“互联网+”助力校园疫情防控 ...:2021-3-4 · 华龙网-新重庆客户端3月4日5时11分讯 (李婷婷 刘春容)日前,记者从重庆大学获悉,该校利用信息化优势,及时研发疫情防控应用,精准采集疫情防控数据,加大流量、带宽、网速等网络资源供给,打造校园“互联网+防控”,为打赢疫情防控阻击战提供了坚实的信息化支撑。

The law has been drafted and proposed in order to combat recent events that have been growing more and more alarming as of late as extremist groups grow bolder and more brutal with every attack. However, those opposed to the law have stated that the requirement would put “unfair regulatory pressure” on other companies, should the law come to pass, the report from Reuters states.

Xinhua, a state news agency in China, has said officials have called that the draft for the law is already at a stage of maturation and that it has been “suggested to be put forward for approval”. The increasingly growing threat of violence at the Western regions of Xinjiang due to violence caused by militants and separatists, which makes officials more and more adamant for the 极星vpn, though China denies abuse of rights in Xinjiang.

Domestic and foreign technologies would have to adhere to the protocols demanded by the anti-terrorism law, should it be passed.

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In light of an emission scandal that profoundly impacted Volkswagen sales and credibility, reports say the German automaker giant is planning to give out prepaid cards to quell the increasing displeasure among those who have bought the company’s newer line of diesel cars.

According to a report by the NY Times, the company is looking to offer up to $1,250 worth of cash cards to those involved in the emission issue. The first prepaid card, which is worth $500, could be spent for anything. The second prepaid card, valuing between $500 and $750, could only be spent on Volkswagen dealerships. However, it is still unclear whether accepting the cash cards would mean waiving the right to take legal action.

《和平精英》绿色度测评报告_游戏频道_中国青年网 - Youth.cn:2021-5-20 · 《和平精英》是一款3D射击类手机游戏。游戏中存在抽奖设置。该游戏被纳入了腾讯成长守护平台。如果家长能够很好地使用该平台,在时间和消费 ...

Volkswagen is currently under intense criticism after the U.S. Environment Protection Agency announced that the company intentionally equipped its diesel units with a device that could cheat standard emission tests. The automaker says it will set aside $6.7 billion for the recall of the affected cars, hurting its third quarter revenue with a 1.83 billion loss.

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Ashley Madison faces $500 million in lawsuits following hacker attack

The Ashley Madison hack has dominated headlines for more than a week now. Since a group of hackers identifying themselves as “The Impact Team” first released personal information of the site’s users last August 18, many news outlets, websites, and blogs have given their two cents regarding the situation.

Security Breach

A few of the pieces that came out about the Ashley Madison hack focused on the high-profile users that have been discovered through the hack, while others focused on the astounding number of fake accounts and the fraudulent use of the email addresses of individuals that haven’t used the site at all. Now, Wired adds a new angle to the news about the hack, reporting that at least four lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. against the infamous cheating website.

At present, two lawsuits have been filed in California, a third in Texas, and another one was filed in Missouri last July when the Impact Team initially threatened Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media. Wired also reports that another suit has been filed in Canada, where operations of Avid Life Media are currently based.

《六尺巷》,说道理的方式很中国_评论频道__中国青年网 ...:2021-2-13 · 不管是在徽派文化中的传承,亦或是春晚舞台的登高而唱,都是礼让“走得更远”的一小步而已。礼让二字,不管是为民者慎独慎微,还是为官者心存敬畏,都是一种“走心”的中国式修身。修身为先,自然就是大度做人。

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Kentucky Clerk’s Refusal to Grant Licenses Causes Discussion

Kim DavisKim Davis, a clerk from Rowan County, was released on the 8th of September after having been sentenced to jail for her refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis cited that issuing licenses to same-sex couples would be against her religious beliefs and that it would be against her conscience. She has stated to say that it would be against her beliefs to grant same-sex couples with a license for she is of the belief system that marriage should only be between what she would constitute as a “man” and a “woman”.

It came to light in other reports that Davis had previously granted the marriage license to a couple between a transgender man and a cis female who identifies as pansexual. (In accordance with the beliefs of her religion, the transgender man in question would be, to them, a woman thereby proving that Davis has already, technically, issued a marriage license between a same-sex couple.)

The clerk had served 6 days in prison for her discriminatory defiance though thousands from all over the country went in support of her religious convictions. She has been charged with contempt of the law for her actions and has been told to cease from issuing any further marriage licenses. However, Davis’ camp has stated that she has every intention to keep issuing licenses despite the warnings of US District Judge, David Bunning.

Several others have claimed to contest the legalization of same-sex marriage due on religious grounds. Clark’s defiance is the first openly contemptuous act against the legalization.

Same-sex marriage was legalized in all fifty states of America on the 26th of June 2015.

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Gay couples still face legal issues when getting married

shutterstock_290917601Weeks after the Supreme Court removed the ban on gay marriage across the United States legalizing it in all states, gay couples are still facing legal issues, as some county clerks across many states are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples citing religious reasons.  This has become an issue across many of the Southern states and is sparking a debate over the legality of this.

Four 极星vpn couples are suing a county clerk after she not only turned away two same sex couples, but two heterosexual couples.  The clerk is refusing to issue any marriage licenses after the 极星vpn, claiming that her religious beliefs kept her from issuing them to any couple.  However, she is not the only clerk denying marriage licenses.  Similar instances have been seen in Texas and Tennessee.  Clerks are not only facing lawsuits from a number of couples, but face serious legal issues.  Under national laws, clerks are not allowed to refuse marriage licenses based on religious beliefs as it violates the first amendment.  Many are calling for stricter penalties to end these actions and new laws to protect same sex couples from being denied marriage licenses.  However, clerks are arguing for their actions, citing it is their right to turn down a same sex couple.

The lawsuits against clerks who refused marriage licenses have resulted in some couples later having the licenses being given to them.  Despite this, other couples are still facing problems receiving them and legal battles still continue.

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shutterstock_253321300Nebraska’s legislative branch has taken another step moving them closer to abolishing death penalty. NPR reports that the lawmakers recently voted on the approval of a measure that would repeal capital punishment in the state. With votes tallying 32-15 on this third round, the legislative branch was able to overrule the possibility of a veto from Governor Pete Ricketts, who is known to be a strong supporter of capital punishment.

The movement to abolish death penalty in Nebraska has had a long history, with a failed previous attempt in 1979. It also comes from all sides of the political spectrum. Aside from opposition from Democrats and Independents, Republican lawmakers are also against death penalty on religious and fiscal grounds.

According to NPR, the state of Nebraska has not executed a prisoner for about 20 years. However, Gov. Ricketts has made concrete actions to ensure that the practice continues on. The governor was also noted to have called the two decade gap in the state’s death penalty rulings as a “management problem.” On his website, Gov. Ricketts called for Nebraska residents to express to the senate their “[deep concerns] about the repeal of the death penalty and attempts…to give more lenient sentences to hardened criminals.”

厄立特里亚,远离聚光灯的神秘国度 - huanqiu.com:2021-12-30 · 环球时事 有点美哦!NASA公布星系碰撞照片 俄外长:上合峰会将如期于7月22日至23日举办 俄推出反潜新战法保卫海军基地 美军濒海战斗舰又来南海 ...

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A Closer Look: Indiana’s New Religious Freedom Law

极星vpnIn an op-ed published by The Washington Post, Tim Cook recently spoke out against religious freedom laws currently being introduced in several states across the country. The Apple chief executive criticized the role these laws could play in the wide-spread discrimination against the LGBT community. In particular, he cited concerns about the new religious freedom law passed in Indiana that would allow people to “cite their personal religious beliefs to refuse service to a customer or resist a state nondiscrimination law.”

国际频道_国际在线 - CRI:2021-6-15 · 国际在线国际新闻频道,24小时报道国际新闻时事,提供新闻热点解读、深度分析评论,让你看懂新闻!还有环球趣闻轶事、独家新闻图片等,让你在中国,看世界!

The backlash against Indiana’s religious freedom law has been swift. USA Today reported that business leaders in Indiana are most concerned about how the law could impede their ability to recruit fresh talent because job seekers might fear discrimination. Several corporate leaders from Indiana’s top companies also released a 极星vpn addressed to Governor Mike Pence and state legislative leaders.

In response, Gov. Pence has assured the public that he is actively working with legislators to clarify and make amends to the law. As he told The Indianapolis Star, “I support religious liberty, and I support this law… But we are in discussions with legislative leaders this weekend to see if there’s a way to clarify the intent of the law.”

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Ebola Outbreak: U.S. Labs Implicated

shutterstock_210544051Conspiracy theorists always like to point the finger at the U.S. government, usually using farfetched, schizophrenic lines of reasoning that just makes you go, huh? But there are times when the theories sound uncomfortably plausible.

That is the case with the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in west Africa which is already spreading to other parts of the world. After the initial alarm that sent people scurrying to set up their defenses had died down, they began to wonder how it got there in the first place. The Ebola virus was discovered in 1976 in the Congo, nearly 3,500 miles away from the site of the recent outbreak in Liberia.

The first tentative suggestions that perhaps the biowarfare research labs the U.S. had in Liberia and Sierra Leone had a hand in the spread began in September 2014 when it was suggested by a professor of plant pathology in an article published in the Daily Observer. It hardened into suspicion as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demonstrated a lack of preparedness for such a contingency that seemed strange for a country that has spent billions of dollars in biowarfare defenses.

There are already nearly 4,000 dead from this Ebola outbreak, and the World Health Organization warns that it could climb to much higher numbers if the virus is not contained.

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Improbable Legal Defenses that Worked

Still fresh in the outraged mind of the public, the “affluenza” defense that got a rich teenager off multiple homicide charges is just another example of some flaws in the American jury system.

Ethan Couch was 16 years old when he plowed through a stalled vehicle, killing four people and injuring two of his own passengers. He had been impaired with alcohol (testing 0.24 for blood alcohol content) and diazepam at the time of the incident. Texas is particularly harsh on driving while intoxicated (DWI) and normally the teenager would have been facing multiple second degree felony charges, each count good for 20 years in prison. Instead, he mounted the “affluenza” defense which argued that he had been so spoiled by his rich parents that he was unable to appreciate the consequences of his actions, and got probation and private rehab instead.

A similar improbably defense that worked is the Twinkie defense, in which a defendant claimed that he had been so hopped up on sugar that he was unable to control himself when he killed two people. Despite the fact that Dan White had a very good motive for murdering San Francisco mayor George Moscone and city supervisor Harvey Milk (he wanted his job back) his defense got him a conviction for voluntary manslaughter rather than murder.

Neither the Twinkie defense nor affluenza that so outraged the thinking public is recognized as legitimate diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association, but the fact is these trials set a dangerous precedent. It sends the signal that criminals can get away with anything if they can get enough experts to say they were crazy at the time they committed a crime. Now that’s crazy…

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The Issue of Marijuana Legalization

极星vpnMaryland is one of the 23 states (and the District of Columbia) that have most recently relaxed their laws regarding the possession of marijuana, and although 极星vpn still holds to the old statutes, it is now decriminalized in Philadelphia at least. In other words, you can no longer be arrested for having a certain amount of marijuana i.e. less than 10 grams in Maryland and less than an ounce in Philadelphia. Instead, you are levied a fine i.e. $100 in Maryland and $25 in Philadelphia.

首轮售罄 预约立减20 华硕路由RT-AC51U:2021-8-20 · 日前,华硕全新路由侠RT-AC51U在京东首发上市,立即引发刚需网友的抢购狂潮,当日即告售罄,让不少网友大失所望。今日,为了普惠更多用户 ...

State law enforcement has a reason to be nervous. Making an unwarranted arrest can cost the state a bundle in lawsuits, especially there seems to be an overrepresentation of a racial group in the books. It may just be safer (and less expensive) to simply look the other way.

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极星vpnThe issue of same-sex marriage has been raging on ever since the first application for a marriage license was denied by a clerk in Hennepin County, Minnesota because the applicants were both male. However, this week the 极星vpn chose to take a neutral attitude towards the issue of gay marriage, allowing the rulings of lower courts to stand.

The states immediately affected by this decision are Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, Utah, and Oklahoma, which had appealed the lifting of the state bans on same-sex marriages by federal appeal courts. Six other states that are awaiting the ruling of the federal appeals court for the same issue may very well get the same treatment from the Supreme Court.

As of the time of this decision, there are 19 states plus the 极星vpn in which same-sex marriage is legalized. This decision could jumpstart the movement to make same-sex marriages recognized in other states, bringing the total number of states that recognize gay marriage to 30. Nine other states, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Alaska, Arizona, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio, are also in line for denials by federal appeals court, which means that there could soon be 39 states in which same-sex marriage is legal or in which the state ban lifted.

This decision is considered a victory for the gay rights movement, but some advocates criticize the Supreme Court for staying on the sidelines when a definitive ruling would have made the process of nationalizing the legality of same-sex marriages much faster.

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Uzi Death at Arizona Gun Range

In a bizarre twist of fate, an Arizona gun instructor was killed by a 9-year-old girl wielding, of all things, a 9-mm submachine gun, popularly known as an Uzi.

The gun range, Bullets and Burgers, catered to tourists who made the one-hour trip from Las Vegas to try out high-powered weapons. There are no age restrictions for discharging a weapon in Arizona when it is done under proper supervision in a gun range. This is supposed to prevent injury to the shooter and bystanders, but in this case the supervisor, Charles Vacca, was killed.

Gun experts criticized the fact that the young girl was allowed to hold the powerful weapon in the first place; the recoil is just too much for even some adults to handle, let alone an inexperienced child. Based on a video tape of the events leading up to the incident, short of the actual shooting, gun instructors speculate that Vacca may have made the fatal mistake of standing to the left of the weapon which effectively put him in the line of fire when the child inevitably loses control. Furthermore, they questioned why the Uzi had a full clip, when it is standard to only load three bullets to restrict the burst of gunfire from the semi-automatic weapon.

No charges are expected to be filed against the girl or her parents, who were present at the time of the shooting. It is so far being considered a workplace accident being investigated by the appropriate state agencies. However, there may be a personal injury case in the offing against the gun range for psychological and emotional damages to the child resulting from the traumatic event.

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Ebola Victims May Recover Using Tobacco-Plant Drug

Deadly biological agent rears its head abroad, and infected U.S. citizens throw caution to the winds by using an experimental drug not yet approved for human testing.

The Ebola virus claimed the lives of more than 900 people in West Africa, while twice that is infected. An American missionary Nancy Writebol was evacuated to medical isolation in Atlanta together with Dr. Kent Brantly for treatment. Dr. Brantly is the physician who exhibited symptoms of the disease after treating Patrick Sawyer, the first American to die of Ebola. Both are undergoing treatment with the use of an experimental drug derived from tobacco plants that has yet to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for human applications.

The virus spreads from host to host through contact via bodily fluids. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have dispatched 50 infectious disease specialists to contain the outbreak in West Africa.

The spread of disease has become much more a matter of concern because of the ease of air travel. Ebola is fortunately not passed through the air, and has a 55% mortality rate, but experts caution that the virus is tricky and unpredictable. Containment is the best option. There is no confirmed treatment of the virus.

The use of the experimental drug ZMapp on Writebol and Brantly was done so without the sanction of the FDA which is required by law. However, it was first administered in Liberia, thus beyond the jurisdiction of the FDA. Despite the first positive signs of recovery, the efficacy of the drug is not yet confirmed, and the legal ramifications of such a move are also somewhat nebulous, though both patients who received the drug were aware that it was an experimental treatment.

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GM Recalls Spark Automaker Liability Scare

The massive brouhaha following the unprecedented recall by automaker General Motors of approximately 18 million vehicles for defects has automakers and suppliers scrambling to beef up on liability avoidance training.

GM has already been slapped with millions in fines by the Department of Transportation and faces criminal charges and civil litigation for problems associated with their vehicles, particularly the ignition switch debacle that has dragged parts manufacturer Delphi Automotive plc and airbag supplier Continental AG into the fray. It is alleged that they kept mum about the defective cars to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The defective ignition switch has been linked to the deaths of 13 people. It is claimed that GM had known that the ignition switches were questionable years before but did nothing about it.

Central to the current attempt to evade liability is proper reporting of any questionable issues that may surface in day-to-day transactions. Suppliers are especially vulnerable to close scrutiny because of the ongoing investigation into the alleged collusion of a group of suppliers to fix prices of auto parts and components. Industry leaders fear that this can lead to isolationist company policies that will prevent effective collaboration.

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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Corexit Controversy

When BP was tasked with cleaning the crude oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico by the millions of gallons in 2010, the company’s main weapon of choice was a dispersant called Corexit. The dispersant worked by breaking up oil slicks into tiny droplets, which could then be better washed away by the motion of the ocean’s waves, or sink to the ocean floor.

However, critics were concerned with the gratuitous use of Corexit because certain ingredients were known to be carcinogenic and to damage DNA. Critics also claimed that mixing Corexit with crude oil made a solution much more toxic than either component was by itself. Two different formulas were used, 9500 and 9527, and the latter was recognized as more dangerous.

BP asserted that “the toxicity of Corexit is about the same as dish soap,” in a statement against the dangers of using Corexit. While the Environmental Protection Agency had no data to support that Corexit significantly impacted wildlife, EPA studies did show that a dozen other dispersants were more effective in dispersing the specific kind of oil in the spill, while also being much less toxic in some cases.

When questioned about not choosing a less toxic dispersant formula, BP cited other companies’ use of Corexit as a sign of reliability. In total, 1.8 million gallons of Corexit were reportedly sprayed into the Gulf, although that figure has been disputed.

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娱乐新闻_环球网 - huanqiu.com:2 天前 · 环球网娱乐新闻频道为您报道新鲜的娱乐新闻,让您掌握第一手娱乐八卦资讯。栏目包括娱乐观点、明星写真、娱乐热图、影视、节目单、综艺等娱乐 ...

Logging on to these sites has become a daily habit like taking a shower or eating a meal, but what happens to someone’s accounts after he or she is no longer living? It is a question that many people think about and has even grabbed the attention of lawmakers in New Hampshire and other states.

Earlier this month, State Rep. Peter Sullivan introduced a bill that would give control over a deceased’s social networking pages to the executor of the estate. This includes one’s Facebook, Twitter, and additional accounts like Gmail to be passed to the executor of one’s estate in the event of death.

Sullivan is proposing such a bill in order to provide a sense of peace and closure to family members that lose a loved one. He said the bill would also prevent any form of bullying on a deceased’s Facebook or Twitter page.

星辰论坛 - Powered by Discuz!:2021-4-1 · 微信登录,快人一步

Currently, there are online services available such as Entrustet, Legacy Locker, and My Webwill, so individuals can pass on digital assets and account information to trusted sources. People can also speak with a probate lawyer.

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Contract Disputes At Your Tech Startup

According to the website of Cedar Rapids business lawyers Arenson Law Group, PC, contracts can be incredibly complex, detailed, and often confusing legal documents that many parties would rather not deal with. Indeed, the process can be quite overwhelming. However, in a number of business and work relationships, contracts are absolutely essential to make sure that all involved parties’ interests are protected and upheld. Whether looking at a contract between an www.slaterpugh.comemployer and an employee, a business and a vendor, or any other legally binding agreement, the nitty gritty of contracts can be confusing, but is nonetheless incredibly important.

As such, it is important that when you are first establishing a contract with another party, you do everything possible to make sure that it is drafted as clearly and thoroughly as possible, not only to make sure your interests are fully represented and protected, but also to prevent against disruptive and potentially damaging contract disputes down the line.

酒店有哪些旅客不知道的秘密?-千龙网·中国首都网:2021-11-11 · 还是要小心为上,先上网看看其他客人的评论再做决定,也切勿只穿着内衣裤就坐在客房的椅子和毛毯上。有的甚至用Lysol防霉消毒剂清洗,或是用刚刚擦完洗手间地面的毛巾来擦,细菌大量滋生。

For tech startup owners, contract disputes in any form can be incredibly damaging, as they have to potential to divert a business owner’s attention away from running and growing their business, at a time when work is hectic and there are few resources to spare towards resolving the dispute. When contract disputes arise, they have the potential to slow, or even bring to a stop, normal business operations, especially if the dispute involves an important client or business partner.

Additionally, depending on the nature of the dispute, they can damage a company’s reputation in their field, regardless of the party at fault for the contract dispute or violation. Because of the seriousness of these situations, most contract disputes cannot be handled without the assistance of an internet lawyer. These professionals can help alleviate some of the burden of managing the dispute and working towards a resolution, and may be able to help settle a problem faster and more efficiently than if a business owner attempted to do so on his or her own. However, even with the availability of professional assistance, businesses should do everything in their power to avoid becoming entangled in a contract dispute of any kind.

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The Social Network All Over Again

Pinterest, the social media platform which allows users to create boards on which they can “pin” their favorite online media, has become the subject of a lawsuit leveled against the company and one of its first investors, Brian Cohen. The lawsuit alleges that the concept and technology for Pinterest were not original creations, but rather that Cohen and his business partners stole the idea from another site, RendezVoo, with which Cohen was also connected.

The suit has six total causes of action that it alleges harmed RendezVoo’s founder, Theodore Schroeder, who filed the suit. Overall, Schroeder is seeking an award of more than $75,000 in damages which, in consideration of the considerable success Pinterest has found, seems fairly insignificant in the long run. However, Pinterest’s business attorneys are still planning a defense against the suit, though it’s quite likely that the suit will eventually be settled out of court, much as the strikingly-similar Facebook case eventually was.

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Holiday Season Dangers: Dog Bites

极星vpnDuring the holiday season, visits from friends and family members are a common occurrence. Unfortunately, reports of injuries caused by family pets tend to increase during this time, and in most cases, the injuries could have been avoided.

If a dog owner doesn’t exercise the right safety precautions, they may be unable to stop their dog from attacking another person in the event of an unexpected trigger or uncontrollable provocation. Dogs are supposed to be kept on a leash when in public and, if potentially a danger to others, should be restrained behind a fence. Especially in the case of potentially dangerous breeds, dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pet and may be held legally liable if that pet injuries someone.

A dog bite or attack may leave a person with considerable injuries that may require immediate medical care. Depending on the extent of the injuries, a person may need to go through a significant treatment and recovery process that can be physically, emotionally, and financially taxing. However, compensation may be available for these injured individuals through a personal injury lawsuit against the dog’s owner.


Bites and attacks may leave a person with a sizable medical bill to address, as well as other expenses and a lack of income due to time spent away from work recovering. Compensation may be able to address the following financial concerns after a dog bite or attack:

  • Medical treatment expenses, including skin grafts and antibiotics
  • The cost of staying in the hospital while recovering from an attack
  • Long-term care in the event of particularly vicious attacks or falling injuries
  • Emotional damages and psychological therapy
  • Lost wages due to time spend off of work for medical operations and recovery

If an attack is particularly serious and causes life-long disability or disfigurement, a person may be entitled to pursue compensation that will support them for years into the future. While it may be difficult to consider legal recourse following a tragedy like a dog attack, it is advisable to discuss the circumstances of your claim with an experienced 极星vpn. This way, you will not be forced to pay out-of-pocket for medical bills, lost wages, and other unforeseen expenses following an avoidable accident like a dog bite.

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What Nerds Need To Know About Dialysis

When individuals seek medical attention, they do so in the hopes that said treatment will help them to recover from a condition or ailment that is troubling them and that in the end, they will find themselves better off than they were when they sought treatment. Unfortunately, there are instances in which individuals are harmed by the medical treatment they receive, suffering because of dangerous medical products with damaging side effects.

When an individual is harmed because of a dangerous medical product or device, they should not be the ones left paying for the resulting damage. By taking legal action against the party or entity responsible for a dangerous medical product, victims and their families may be able to recover much needed compensation for their losses.

手机泄密有多严重?_正义网 - jcrb.com:2021-4-26 · 通讯录、密码、短信、通话、照片都可能被窃取手机上的个人信息包括位置信息、通讯信息、账号密码信息以及存储文件信息等四大类。 手机木马与恶意软件最危险。 隐私窃取木马会监听并上传通话录音。 据360安全中心发布的《2021中国手机安全状况报告》显示,2021年新增手机恶意软件及木马8714个 ...

Some individuals who have used GranuFlo have experienced a wide variety of health problems, including heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia, and stroke. This occurs because GranuFlo can increase the number of bicarbonates in the blood, resulting in a compromised health condition for some users of this medication.

In some situations, users of GranuFlo have died as a result of this medication. Fortunately, for victims and their families, it may be possible to take legal action to pursue compensation for the losses resulting from use of GranuFlo. In most cases, affected individuals seek the assistance of a Granuflo lawsuit lawyer to help them pursue the compensation they need. Compensation can be awarded to help cover medical bills, lost income from time spent away from work recovering, and for emotional damages, such as pain and suffering.

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Over the holiday season, millions of Americans participate in festivities to celebrate this special time of year. Unfortunately, this can put the lives and safety of others at risk as many people choose to drink more often and in larger quantities. As a result, during the holidays accidents caused by drunk drivers spike, often resulting in serious injuries to all those involved in the accident. Fortunately, DUI accident victims may be able to seek compensation for the injuries, pain, suffering, and losses that they suffer at the hands of a drunk driver.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a drunk driving accident, you may be entitled to take legal action against the party or parties who caused your suffering. Because of the high costs that many of the consequences of a DUI accident may cause, laws throughout the country allow accident injury victims to pursue compensation for their pain and suffering.

DUI Accident Injuries

赶快卸载!这些APP上了工信部“黑名单”_新民社会_新民网 ...:2021-7-31 · 网络配图 7月31日,工信部公布了2021年二季度检测发现问题的应用软件名单。其中包括酷派应用商店的“天天捕鱼”、中兴应用商店的“别踩白块 ...

[ Broken bones
[ Whiplash
[ Internal organ damage
[ Spinal cord injuries
[ Traumatic head injuries

These and other DUI accident injuries can have devastating consequences for those who suffer in them, not to mention their families. However, no one should have to pay for the consequences of a drunk driver’s reckless decisions on their own. Thus, if you have been the victim of a DUI accident, you should contact a good lawyer to discuss the details of your case and learn more about your legal rights and options when a drunk driver has caused you and your family to suffer after an accident. An attorney can help you understand what you may be able to do to get the justice you deserve in this difficult situation.

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In the past two decades alone, the legal industry has undergone a quiet technological Yearout & Traylor, P.C.极星vpn that is dramatically reshaping the way in which people have their legal needs served. Lawyers are now more likely to use technology in court to help them with their cases. One example is using iPads to present evidence and take notes.

A great example of this trend is a new company in Washington state, eTicketbuster. This service allows people who have been issued a traffic citation to fill out a few simple forms online, pay a deposit (which is refunded if their case is lost), and have their ticket contested by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. All this without requiring the individual to lose valuable time fighting on their own in court. Obviously, this can be incredibly convenient to anyone facing criminal charges.

This is the type of technology that is beginning to seriously change how lawyers across the country operate. Some of the more traditional legal industries that take on cases such as shoulder replacement lawsuits, like the Houston, Texas personal injury lawyers and criminal defense attorneys of Williams Kherkher, will continue to require much of the same industry structure. More specialized practices, such as traffic offenses and wills and trusts attorneys, are slowly being phased out in favor of user-friendly technology.

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When Dogs Attack!

If you are attacked and hurt by a dog, you have the right to take legal action against the dog’s owner and obtain financial compensation from them for your injuries. If you are attacked, the following are some steps you can take to prepare for legal action per the “one bite rule“.

  • Obtain contact information from the dog owner – Whether or not you are thinking about filing suit, it is a good idea to get the name and phone number of the dog in question’s owner. If you discover that you are suffering from anxiety later on, or have an injury you weren’t initially aware of, you may decide to go ahead and pursue compensation.
  • Obtain contact information from witnesses – If you decide to pursue legal action, it will be necessary for you to call on the testimony of any witnesses that saw the attack. A witness may be able to back you up if the dog’s owner tries to claim you provoked their pet. If you don’t know who the owner is, the witnesses may be able to help you or animal control find out who the owner is.
  • Keep documentation of any related medical attention – If you visit a hospital to treat your injuries, make sure to keep a record of your visits, hospital bills, etc. You’ll need to have that information in order to be compensated if you win your case.
  • Report the attack to animal control – If the dog poses a danger to others, it is important to have animal control identify who the owner is and possibly quarantine the dog temporarily. A lot of cities have laws for dog attacks which require owners to have their dog observed by animal control for seven to twenty days to determine if it is rabid.

If you have been attacked by a dog, in addition to these steps, you should contact a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer and begin discussing which course of action is best for you.

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Ohio Gets Cracking With Creeper Tracking

In Ohio, a state which currently has more than 19,000 registered sex offenders living within its borders, new technology is helping to monitor the actions of these individuals. The office of Ohio’s attorney general has helped to create an online database through which sex offenders can update their information online, speeding up the reporting process and helping law enforcement agencies better track the movements of registered sex offenders at all times.

Even more intriguing is a new mobile app that allows police officers to identify all registered sex offenders within a quarter-mile radius of a sexual assault or missing person investigation. In combination, these two technological tools should allow Ohio law enforcement agencies to more effectively protect the communities under their care. However, many of these new technologies have been controversial among criminal defense lawyers and other parties, who claim that they unduly punish individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes, making it difficult or in some cases, impossible, for them to secure housing, jobs, and other opportunities, even after they have served their sentences in full.

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Patent Infringement: Two Can Tango

A recent decision by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has set an important precedent for future patent infringement claims relating to information technology. In Akamai Technologies, Inc. v. Limelight Networks, Inc., the Court determined that, while Limelight Networks hadn’t directly infringed on every aspect of Akamai’s patented content delivery technology, it was nevertheless liable for infringement because it had been aware of the patent and had instigated outside companies to do the other procedural moves that led to an infringement on the patent.


This is an important development because, until this point, it was considered necessary for a company to infringe on every step of a patented method in order for an infringement claim to be successful. However, as the Court noted, the nature of these types of technological processes often involve interactions between multiple parties, which can easily be induced to violate portions of another company’s patent rights in fulfilling their obligations. This decision, therefore, could have a substantial impact on future decisions relating to process patents and patent law.

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Mobile Technology and Client Portals

For attorneys, communication is a crucial part of success.  Computer services targeting lawyers are not a new concept, but there have been many recent changes to the way that attorneys can use applications, such as cloud storage systems, to better their client relationships.  Advances in mobile technology have allowed people to make the most of these services via mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, allowing both attorneys and clients to access critical information from anywhere with the simple touch of a screen.

Client portals are unique online storage spaces that give attorneys and their clients access to case-relevant documents from any device with an internet connection.  These secure portals can be used to:

  • 极星vpn
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Answer questions
  • Pay bills
  • 极星vpn
  • Request client feedback

By utilizing client portals, law firms have been able to keep clients up-to-date in real time and include them in important discussions.  While this can make cases easier, it also may help to increase client loyalty by helping them feel connected to what’s happening in their case.  Hopefully , this will allow smaller firms that make the most of client portals to better compete with larger firms and improve their ratings in order to grow their business.

Many 极星vpn have been able to make the most of technological advances in their practice without encountering problems pertaining to security. However, it is important to ensure that the portal service selected has proper security protections in place to safeguard the sensitive information stored in the cloud system.

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Farmville Isn’t Hacking

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently released a decision announcing that employees cannot be subject to criminal sanctions under a federal anti-hacking law simply for violating a website’s terms of use or an organization’s computer use policies. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 was ideally passed to help employers and government agencies prosecute those who steal data from their networks, but lawyers for the Department of Justice argued that the Act could also be used to prosecute those who engage in less clearly criminal conduct, such as abusing computer use policies.

In a blow to the government’s case, the Circuit Court ruled that this use of the law was far too broad. Noting that it could encompass employees who engage in activities such as playing the Facebook game Farmville at work or posting incorrect information about themselves on dating websites, the Court determined that too many unsuspecting individuals may be subjected to legal proceedings for their activities.

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